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Reaching Retirement: Facing a Shortfall

What if you’re nearing retirement and you determine that your retirement income may not be adequate to meet your retirement expenses? If retirement is just around the corner, you may need to drastically change your spending and saving habits. Saving even a little money can really add up if you do it consistently and earn

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colorado front range elevations credit union

Reaching Retirement: Phased Retirement Plan 101

For many workers, the sudden change from employee to retiree can be a difficult one. Some employers, especially those in the public sector, have begun offering “phased retirement” plans to address this problem. Phased retirement generally allows you to continue working on a part-time basis–you benefit by having a smoother transition from full-time employment to

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Compounding Returns 101: Why to Invest Now

If you are a young adult just starting your first job, chances are you face a number of different challenges. College loans, rent, and car payments all may be competing for your hard-earned yet still entry-level paycheck. How can you even consider setting aside money in your employer-sponsored retirement plan now? After all, retirement is decades

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Required Minimum Distributions

As astonishing as it may seem, 2017 is quickly coming to a close. And, if you’re in the below category, you may be approaching the deadline for taking your required minimum distributions from your qualified retirement savings. Even if this year is not your first, many people are confused about the accounts that are required,

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