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In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re featuring Thomas Cook, a Loan Delivery Specialist who started his career in the U.S Air Force, setting him up on quite the incredible path.

Growing up in a little town called Madison, Virginia, Tom knew from an early age that he wanted to join the Air Force. He began his military career in 1982 and for many years trained in the air, dropping “test” bombs on ground targets to maintain his accuracy and precision. One of his most memorable experiences was that he was on his way to the Gulf War in 1991, when the air war was called off.

“Military life is not for everyone but you can learn life-long lessons in dealing with people from all walks of life,” says Tom, who spent a total of 17 years in the Air Force.

After the military, Tom moved into the IT industry and then made the transition to the mortgage business for the excitement and pace.  Being really, really good with numbers and math didn’t hurt either.  He then became a Licensed Loan Officer and began his career with Elevations.

When he’s not at work Tom loves spending time with his kids and grandson.  He’s an avid bowler, sports fan and also plays on the softball team here at Elevations.

Tom has been at Elevations for four years and notes that the people he works with have made it the best place he has ever worked.

“Elevations is a great company, with meaningful work and an energized and friendly atmosphere.”

Interested in learning more about working with Tom and our team? Visit our Careers page!

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