Employee Spotlight: Meet Tom

Tom Beckett

In our monthly employee spotlight, we’re featuring Tom Beckett, an employee who’s worked at Elevations less than a year. This is the first time we’ve featured someone so new to our team, but Tom provides a unique outsider perspective on our organization.

Tom most recently worked at a startup creating a new business banking model with high touch, low costs, and a mobile structure. Why move from a cool, innovative and flexible environment to a credit union? Tom’s answer might surprise you: “Elevations is all of those things.

“Think of what Elevations’ leaders have done. They’ve made banking cool.”

Tom, a senior commercial lender, emphasizes that our culture, compensation and commitment to our community all make Elevations a great place to work. And those are more than just words—we show it in our actions. “Other banks create action plans, and talk about volunteer work or continuing education, but in the end they don’t support employees’ goals. Our leaders not only say—they do.

“We all share in the net income of the organization,” explains Tom. “We encourage continuing education. We allot volunteer time-off hours to support being a part of the community. We have an extensive mentorship program and are committed to a culture of recognition.”

We also asked Tom to remind us what other financial institutions are like. “Rigid. Stiff. Intimidating. When the customer walks in, they are always underdressed and uncomfortable. Bottom line – not cool.

“Elevations is not only cool, but we have a powerful infrastructure, a strong leadership team and a defined legacy in the community.”

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