Employee Spotlight: Meet Kyle

January Employee Spotlight

In our monthly employee spotlight, meet Kyle Randolph. Kyle has one of the most interesting “weekend” jobs outside of Elevations: He supports the Denver Bronco’s visiting team’s locker room, making sure the visiting team feels welcome and taken care of.

Kyle helps prepares the room for visitors by setting up their equipment, fulfilling the team’s rider list and polishing balls (and sometimes acting as water boy or punt catcher for the team’s kicker). One specific player always requests food from the concession stand: 10 hot dogs, 10 nachos and 10 cheeseburgers! (Don’t forget, many of these players work with a dietician and have very rigid diets.)

Kyle is wholly accommodating for NFL visitors, and he also brings this high level of service to his job on the Accounting team at Elevations. Kyle analyzes mortgage loan pricing as a Pricing Analyst for the Secondary Marketing Group. Last year alone, he reviewed 2,400 loans worth approximately $600 million.

“I am lucky I get to work for some of the best leaders in the world. We have such a laidback culture, and everyone is approachable.”

Kyle started as a Teller at our Diagonal branch five years ago but soon followed a career path that led him to Accounting. Of working at Elevations, Kyle says, “Our culture is unique. I know most people’s impression of the finance world is uptight and rigid. Here at Elevations, we are encouraged to use our own creativity to solve problems.”

Want to learn more about working with Kyle and our team? Visit our Careers Page!

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