Meet Juan, an Elevations Business Banking Relationship Manager

The Business Banking Team at Elevations provides a consultative approach to help businesses across Colorado’s Front Range realize long-term success. Get to know Juan, a Business Banking Relationship Manager at Elevations. 

Which Colorado Front Range areas do you serve? 

I work out of our offices in Interlocken at 1 Environmental Way, Broomfield, and I serve our business members in Longmont.

How long have you been with Elevations? 

I joined Elevations in October 2019, so coming up on a year. 

Where did you grow up? 

I was born and raised in Arvada, and I graduated from Arvada High School. I then went to Metropolitan State University in Denver for my marketing degree. I’ve moved out of Arvada, but I’m still in the northern Denver area. 

What is your banking experience? 

I’ve been in the banking industry since 1999. My first banking job was as a teller for a small credit union in Arvada. I worked my way up from teller to call center and then to front desk.  I stepped into those new roles gradually while I was going to school for a marketing degree. I stepped away from banking for a little while to run an insurance agency and train agents, and then I came back. I was craving the stability of the banking industry.  

Why did you want to get into business banking? 

Banking has always been in my blood. Both my parents were in banking and finance. My dad was a loan officer, and my mom did bookkeeping for a small bank in Arvada — that’s actually how they met. I love following in my dad’s footsteps. I talked to one of my dad’s old clients, and he said my dad gave him his first loan. Now I am helping this same client with his business banking; it’s really cool.  

How would you define your role and what you do for business banking members? 

I see the business owner’s business as their baby, and I help them foster and watch their business grow. I try to give them the tools to help them succeed. I support all kinds of businesses including small mom and pa companies, online shopping services, auto mechanics and doctors’ offices. 

What do you like about business banking at Elevations? 

I like our hands-on approach with our businesses to give them the tools they need. We’re molding our business department to be what our members need. We spend time listening to our members, and we adjust to their feedback and needs. 

What do you think sets Elevations apart from other banks? 

We have a small town and a small business mentality at Elevations. Our business banking members aren’t just another number here. We focus on holding on to our community feel. 

Do you have any advice for businesses selecting a financial institution? 

Business owners have to get a good feeling from their business banker. It should feel almost like it’s a partnership. Business owners should be confident in their banker to do the right thing and take care of their business. Business isn’t scary as long as you have the proper guides to support you.  

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I have two daughters, so they take up a lot of my free time. I’m a dance dad, and there is always something going on with them and dance. When we’re not doing dance, I like playing golf. I’m trying to teach the girls how to play.  

What is your favorite local nonprofit?  

I love Broomfield FISH and Button & Zipper. Button & Zipper is a foundation out of Chicago, and they have a second location here in Colorado. They provide jackets to those in need through their collection centers. I have partnered with them to do coat drives with the Metro North Chamber of Commerce. 

What is your favorite local restaurant? 

There is a tiny Italian restaurant in East Lake called Papa Mazzotti’s Italian Restaurant. It’s great; we love to get their cannolis.   

Now that you know more about Juan, get in touch with him to find out how he can help your business … or just talk dance. You can text him at 303.884.5002 or email him at

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