Meet Trish, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

At Elevations, our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers are here to assist you as you navigate the homebuying process. One of our excellent Mortgage Loan Officers, Trish Shaw, has deep roots in Boulder County and a long love of mortgage lending. Get to know her here.

How long have you been with Elevations?

I started in July 2011. I came to Elevations because I wanted to work for a local financial institution.

What is your experience?

I have been in financial services since 1971. My first job was as a part-time teller when I was in high school. I worked at various positions and eventually was a Branch Manger for a local savings and loan institution.

How did you get into this field?

I was working at a savings and loan institution, and my responsibilities included managing the mortgage loan division. I had to learn the mortgage department to supervise those employees, and I liked mortgage lending, so I stuck with it. Mortgage lending is challenging and ever-changing. It’s not routine; it’s different every time for every borrower, which I really enjoy.

How would you define your role?

I listen to what a buyer’s needs and goals are and give them options to achieve those goals. I try to provide them with suggestions and as many choices available to them as possible, so they know all their options.

What do you like about mortgage lending?

I like that I am genuinely helping people to achieve their goals and make a difference in their lives. I don’t care what level of investment they are making. I want to help them achieve their goals. Everyone needs assistance, so you do your work professionally, and it works out for everyone.

Which location do you work out of, and what area do you serve?

I work out of the Elevations Longmont Hover Branch. I help people buying anywhere in Colorado.

What sets Elevations apart from other financial institutions for mortgage lending?

We know how to get it done, and we always put the borrower first. For example, we wire money to the title company the day before the closing, so if the borrower has an 8 a.m. closing, they are set. Something common in our industry is overlays, and unlike other lenders, Elevations adds very few. We offer many loan options including conventional loans, jumbo loans, VA, FHA and USDA. We make it as simple as possible for our borrowers.  

Do you have any advice to homebuyers or realtors as they select a financial institution for a mortgage?

Find a loan officer who is willing to assist with any situation, regardless of how complex it is.  Look for a financial institution that will help find a solution for you.

Where did you grow up?

Boulder! I have not gone far, from Boulder to Longmont. My great-great-grandparent’s homesteaded in Boulder County in the area of Valmont Road and 63rd Street. My maiden name was Sawhill.

What is your favorite local nonprofit?

I love the work that Mountain States Children’s Home does! This is a great organization that really helps kids that are at risk. They assist regardless of the family’s ability to pay for the care.

I also belong to the Longmont and Boulder Affiliates Groups. We help to sponsor activities with the local real estate agents.

If you are looking for someone to help you navigate buying your next home and want to speak with Trish, you can call her at 720.652.7113 or email her at

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