Boulder’s Chautauqua History

Chautauqua is as iconic a Boulder monument to some as the Flatirons it sits below. Learn all about Boulder’s Chautauqua in our latest collaboration with the Museum of Boulder.  The Word “Chautauqua”  Chautauqua, like all of Boulder and Colorado, was once indigenous land. The tribes that traditionally occupied Boulder are Cheyenne, Ute and Arapaho. The word, […]

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Dive into Boulder’s Pool History

Boulderites have been cooling down at pools for decades, but do you know the history of all these watering holes? Check out these historic Boulder pool photos provided by our friends at Museum of Boulder and the Carnegie Library for Local History. Scott Carpenter Pool One of Boulder’s largest public pools is named after our […]

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Snowshoeing in Boulder

Do you snowshoe? This fun winter activity can help you immerse yourself in this gorgeous state we call home. How did snowshoeing start? Where can you traverse the best trails in our area? Find out here in our latest blog with our friends at Museum of Boulder. The history of snowshoeing People have probably been […]

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Chautauqua Mesa ski area, 1949-1977
boulder 1898
1956 parade in Boulder
woman archer at CU