With many of our members choosing to avoid public spaces and businesses, there’s an increased need for banking from home or at an ATM. Below are some tips and reminders to make your ATM transactions as smooth as possible.

Find an ATM

Find our ATM locations on our website, or you can simply text your current address to 91989 to find a CO-OP ATM near you.

Make Deposits at ATMs

  • There is no limit to how much you can deposit (cash or check) at an Elevations ATM, however, some larger check deposits in one day are subject to hold. 
  • Always make sure to correctly endorse all checks (in other words, sign your name on the back) before depositing at the ATM.
    • Writing “For Deposit Only” on a check is not an endorsement but an endorsement restriction.  
    • All payees must endorse checks and must be signers on the account.  
    • Business endorsements require the printed name of the business along with the signature of an authorized account signer.  
    • Checks from trust accounts must be made payable to the trust or a trustee only.  
    • Ensure insurance checks are completely endorsed with all lien holders.
  • Be sure to count your cash deposits before inserting them into the ATM.
    • The ATM will ask you to verify the scanned amount and provide the opportunity to correct it. Do not click accept without first reviewing and confirming the amount is correct.
  • Please do not deposit cash that is severely worn or torn, and avoid folding cash or checks, as this may jam the machine.
  • We do not accept third-party checks at our ATMs. 
    • Third-party checks are checks that are written by one person or organization for another and that is then given to a third person or organization whose name is added to it.
  • Checks written in gel ink or pencil will not be accepted, as ATMs cannot image these items because they are too light.
  • You can print an image of each check deposited on your receipt when you deposit through an ATM, to keep for your records.

Don’t forget! Endorse (sign) your checks and count your cash before you make a deposit at an ATM.

Withdraw Cash at ATMs

  • Cash withdrawals are limited to $500 per day.
    • This limit is on a rolling 24-hour period, not limited to business or calendar day.
  • Depending on the ATM and denomination available in it, Elevations ATMs offer cash withdrawals in increments as small as $5, $10 or $20.

Nationwide CO-OP ATMs

As an Elevations member, you get access to a nationwide network of nearly 30,000 ATMs, called the CO-OP network. Look for the CO-OP symbol on the ATM, or use our locator to find one near you. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Elevations members get eight fee-free CO-OP ATM transactions per month; after eight, you’ll be charged a $1.50 fee per transaction. 
  • Some CO-OP ATMs require a deposit envelope. Envelope deposits have a thickness limit, so you may be limited on the numbers of bills and/or checks you can make per deposit. 
  • Imaging ATMs (ATMs that do not use envelopes) accept a maximum of 35 units, for example this could be up to 25 different cash bills and 10 checks. The ATM will ask if you want to deposit more.

ATM Security

  • When making a deposit Elevations ATMs will hold on to your card until the transaction is complete; please ensure you have your card after you’re done using the ATM.
  • When making a cash withdrawal Elevations ATMs give you your card back before the cash is dispensed.
  • Keep your receipt. This has the ATM ID number in case you need to make a dispute.
  • Transactions time out after two minutes of inactivity, and the ATM will capture the card in use after this time. This is meant to protect the cardholder from having their account compromised by the next individual to use the ATM. Cards cannot be returned after they are captured. 
  • Have your transaction ready to go when inserting your card into the ATM to avoid timing out. Know your PIN, have your cash counted and ready for deposit, and checks already endorsed.
  • If an Elevations ATM captures your card and you’re an Elevations member, you can contact a branch to get a new card issued or call (800) 429-7626 to have a new card mailed to you. 
    • If you are not an Elevations member, you will need to contact your financial institution to order a replacement card.
  • If you have an issue at one of our Elevations ATMs, please call (800) 429-7626 — to submit your dispute request.

Health and Safety Measures at ATMs

Each Elevations ATM is wiped down by Elevations staff throughout the day and receives a thorough cleaning on a weekly basis. You can help ensure your health and safety when using ATMs by following these steps:

  • The CDC recommends wiping the ATM keyboard with a disinfecting wipe before beginning a transaction.
  • After you are done and your card is returned to you, wipe your card with a disinfecting wipe and use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • When you return home, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

For tips on other banking options, including online banking and our mobile app, please check out our how-to blogs and helpful tips videos.

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