Meet Anabel, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

Our Elevations Mortgage Loan Officers have a successful track record of helping first-time and experienced homebuyers with the mortgage process. Anabel Allman has worked as a Mortgage Loan Officer since 2004 and got her start in banking when she was 18. Read her heartwarming story about why she chose to help people with the mortgage process as her career.  

For Anabel Allman, helping people navigate banking was a personal calling she felt from a very young age. A moment she’ll never forget was at the age of 12, she helped her parents with the process of buying their first home. Her parents, Spanish-speaking immigrants from Mexico, relied on Anabel to translate and make sense of the complicated loan documents they had in front of them. She remembers, as a 7th grader, writing out the earnest money check for $2,000 while her Mom said nervously, “I don’t know if I can do this.” It was the biggest check their family had ever written. Anabel says, “I thought to myself that there had to be a better way.” From that moment on, Anabel knew that helping people with banking was what she wanted to do with her career.  

Immediately after high school, Anabel got her start as a teller at Wells Fargo, quickly moved into customer service, and then found herself translating for Spanish speakers during home closings. In 2004, Anabel became a Mortgage Loan Officer and hasn’t looked back.  

“I just love helping people,” says Anabel. “I do it for the same reasons I got into banking when I was 18.”  

She works with people at all levels of homebuying experience, including many first-time homebuyers, for purchases of all prices of homes. “I really share in their excitement,” she says. “I remember what it was like, and it’s a privilege to walk them through that process.”   

Anabel joined Elevations in 2017 and chose the credit union for its genuine care for people and focus on financial education. “They try to do what’s right, teach people to save and invest, and care about people becoming financially independent,” she says.  

She volunteers with the Elevations Hispanic Council, which is a volunteer group of employees that provides financial literacy classes and outreach to Colorado’s Hispanic community — from homebuying seminars to credit workshops to helping community members practice their English. “It’s really important for me to give back,” explains Anabel.  

Born in Boulder, Anabel now enjoys living in Longmont surrounded by her husband, parents, brothers and sisters, and very importantly, her three dogs. “They are my babies,” she laughs.  

If you’d like help with your next home purchase and want to speak with Anabel (NMLS #  401774), you can call her at 720.467.6024 or email her at 

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