Meet Blake, an Elevations Mortgage Sales Manager

At Elevations, our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Sales Managers are here to help you navigate the homebuying process. One of our top-notch Mortgage Sales Managers, Blake Schaefer, spent years in the title industry before becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer and then a Mortgage Sales Manager. Find out why he has stayed in the real estate industry and his approach to home lending.

How long have you been with Elevations Credit Union?

I’ve been with Elevations for six years; my anniversary is in January. Wow, time flies! I split time between our Broomfield Mortgage Office and Table Mesa Branch.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Arlington, Virginia, when I was 10. I went to school there right up to college at George Mason Univerity.

What brought you out to Colorado?

The lifestyle is what drew us here. My wife and I like to ski, hike, bike and spend time outdoors. We moved in 2001 without jobs and just made it happen. We were going on an adventure, and the adventure continues.

What was your experience before coming to Elevations?

I worked in the title industry and got my start as a Title Assistant, then a Closer and Sales Rep. I then ran a title branch. I did a lot in the industry, so I understand the process thoroughly. I’d been in the title industry for years, but I wanted to make a change. I enjoy the real estate industry and the process, so I wanted a career that allowed me to be a more significant part of the process instead of behind the scenes. I wanted to take part in the buyer’s experience; it’s so rewarding. 

How long have you been working in lending?

I started in the title industry in 2001 and from there transitioned to Elevations. I used my time in the title industry as an opportunity to pick the best lender to work for based on who was the best to work with. Elevations was always the best for everyone involved, so when I decided to shift roles, I wanted to come here.

How would you define your role in Mortgage Sales?

I help homebuyers with their mortgage financing and guide them through the process. I explain their options as we go through the buying process, and I serve as a guide from the loan and finance side. I try to cater each member’s experience to them based on their knowledge. I help them see the big picture. I think creating a positive experience for the buyer — our member — and the realtors is a massive part of what I do.

What do you like about mortgage lending?

I enjoy the process from beginning to end, when I see someone when they close on their house. I just always enjoy being part of that exciting life event. I also like the challenge of figuring out what product is best for each unique individual. It’s like putting a puzzle together, and when it’s done, they’re happy, and they refer you to their friends. It’s a very rewarding career.

What sets Elevations and you apart from other financial institutions for mortgage lending?

What sets us apart is the strong reputation we’ve built from years and years of hard work from our Loan Officers and everyone behind the scenes on our mortgage team. We continue to live up to and strive to improve our reputation. A lot of places get complacent, but our vision here is very consistent despite all the growth. Elevations still has a credit union family feel.

Do you have any advice to consumers or realtors selecting a mortgage lender?

Do your homework and ask for recommendations from people who have gone through the process. I know if you call a title company, they could tell you better than anyone who is good to work with. Call a closer and ask who they recommend. Since they are a third party, they will tell it like it is. I guarantee they will all have Elevations on that shortlist.

What is your favorite local nonprofit?

I love Elevations Foundation. I think it’s cool that we support the community and practice what we preach. I make sure I contribute to it, as a way for me to give back through Elevations and help people in our community who need it.

If you’re looking for someone to help you navigate buying your next home and want to speak with Blake (NMLS #1163829), you can call or text him at (303) 328-7748 or email him at

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