Meet Dexter, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

Are you exploring residential home lending options in Colorado? Elevations Credit Union offers both new mortgages and refinancing. Connect with Mortgage Loan Originator Dexter Finley at the Fort Collins Old Town Branch to discover the best home loan for your needs. He’s eager to use his years of experience in financial services and coaching mindset to guide you along this journey. Learn more about Dexter and his approach to home loans.

Before switching to a business major in college, Dexter studied education.

It shows.

His passion for teaching others provides the groundwork for each member interaction at Elevations. In fact, Dexter is the first person to tell you he doesn’t enjoy the sales side of business. He would rather educate people so they can make sound financial purchasing decisions based on their knowledge than deliver a sales pitch.

“When I was at Colorado State University, I took a professional selling class,” he said. “It was the bad stories (about sales) that made me wonder why people don’t just explain things – or why they’re not transparent about what’s what. I felt like I could do that. I could treat people with respect, just take care of people and probably be successful doing it.”

Dexter pushed forward with the goal of making people feel confident and safe, heavily guided by the book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek. He then launched into a career in financial services.

Prior to joining the Elevations Team in November of 2021, Dexter pursued roles as a mortgage loan officer for a bank as well as for an independent mortgage company. He also has previous experience making maps for the federal government.

Engineering the perfect home loan

When asked which part of the loan process Dexter enjoys most, it’s parsing the details. After all, he comes from a family of engineers. He says it’s rewarding thinking about the variables each member brings to the table and finding a way to make all the pieces fit together to produce the best loan option.

And when positive comments from this process roll in, he’s equally elated.

“What is most fulfilling is when I get feedback that people appreciate my candor, or me taking the time to teach them things,” he said. “I speak openly and honestly about things. It’s that kind of thing that makes me go, ‘I really love this.’ I love when I can take care of people, and they feel taken care of. And, in their own sort of way, tell me ‘hey, this was the easiest process I went through.’”

Bottom line: Dexter approaches loan origination as being an advocate for others. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer starting to explore mortgage options or planning to refinance your home, it’s imperative to have someone on your side to make sense of the ever-changing laws, loan options and documentation requirements.

Dexter says working at Elevations has been the perfect culture fit for him. He’s treated with respect for his professional services, is given quality responsibilities and has an internal support system that shares similar ideas and approaches in this industry.

Tips for first-time homebuyers

For those interested in becoming a homeowner, Dexter suggests sitting down and looking closely at your current income and expenses. Create a budget and ask yourself how much of a house payment you want to make each month.

He also recommends paying down – or better yet, paying off – your credit cards. Don’t close them out, because their longevity contributes to your credit score in a positive way.

“Make sure that you never keep more than a 50% balance on the line,” he said. “So, if you got a $5,000 credit card, don’t let it ever be over $2,500, for example.”

If you feel stuck in this area, Dexter can teach ways to reduce credit card debt and prime you for homeownership. Be ready for candid discussions and direct questions about your finances when you apply for a mortgage. As a lender, Dexter wants to learn how you manage money and provide financial coaching to make the transition from renter to owner as smooth as possible.

Life beyond home loans

Dexter and his wife Sarah are both graduates of Colorado State University. They share their Fort Collins home with daughter Elizabeth, 9, and sons Luke, 6, and Clayton, 4. In the evenings, they enjoy playing soccer in the backyard with the kids and their family pup, Winnie.

You can also find the engineer in Dexter geeking out over Minecraft with his kids, getting wide-eyed around sports cars and going for weekend drives in his 1986 Porsche 944. When you visit his office, it’s no surprise you’ll see a collection of Hot Wheels lined up with pride.

Would you like to visit with Dexter Finley? (NMLS #983794) Give him a call at 970.488.0996 to learn more about purchasing or refinancing a home in Colorado. You may also contact him by email at with your questions. Dexter is seeing members both in-person at the Fort Collins Old Town Branch or by video chat.

Equal Opportunity Lender

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