Meet Ian, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

Our Elevations Mortgage Loan Officers help members at all stages of the homebuying processfrom first-time to experienced homebuyers, and from aspiring to veteran real estate investors. With a wealth of experience in mortgage and real estate investments, Ian Bennett is eager to coach people on both the mortgage and investment process. Ian has worked with Elevations as a Mortgage Loan Officer since 2012. 

Like many young kids, Ian Bennett became interested in money and finance at an early age for all the classic reasons: 1) He loved Monopoly because he could beat his older sister at it, and 2) He noticed that only bankers and doctors had great shoes and great cars.  

As a young adult, that interest in money and finance matured into a strong curiosity and passion for real estate. Through running a variety of small businesses — a house-cleaning company, landscaping business and painting contract company — Ian learned first-hand how hard it was to build wealth as an entrepreneur. He started investing in real estate on the side as another means to earn income. Through the help of a mentor, he quickly learned that real estate could be a great path toward building a more successful financial future. Without hesitation, Ian closed the doors of his painting business, joined a mortgage brokerage firm, and learned the ins and outs of mortgage banking. 

Ian has worked with Elevations as a Mortgage Loan Officer since 2012 and feels the credit union’s philosophy aligns perfectly with his own. As a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union, Elevations is invested in financial education and the well-being of our members and the community. Similarly, Ian finds joy in coaching and mentoring people about real estate to help improve their financial well-being.  

“I personally believe that if you’re going to be successful in real estate and mortgages, you deserve to have a coach or a mentor. And that’s the partnership I create through educating the people I work with,” says Ian. “There’s nothing that builds wealth like owning real estate with a mortgage. With very little money, one can leverage a large asset and have success capturing a large amount of appreciation in the long run.” 

Ian speaks from experience — he’s walked the walk. “I had no money when I moved to Boulder and most everything I’ve made has been in real estate,” he says.  

Many of Ian’s personal investments are in new construction of single-family homes, land development and condo development. He’s excited to help others find financial success through investing in real estate or simply purchasing a home. Whether someone has almost no resources or significant financial resources, “if they are willing to learn, they are a great fit for me,” explains Ian. 

In his free time, Ian spends time with his wife and two kids camping, hiking, fishing or gardening. Ian and his wife are also studying up on urban farming. They are researching livestock farming and considering having a large vegetable garden. “We are very much in the exploratory stage,” says Ian. “It’s important to align what you do with what you love.” And that he has.  

If you’re seeking help with a home purchase, condo purchase or real estate investment and want to speak with Ian (NMLS # 300599), you can call or text him at 303.443.2050, or email him at 

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