Meet Matthew, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

Make the Mortgage Team at Elevations Credit Union your go-to for homebuying and refinancing. Mortgage Loan Officer Matthew Hill assists members at the Lafayette branch with everything from first-time homebuyer applications to refinances of established homes and all mortgage needs in between. Learn how he can help you.

Matthew Hill is a people person. When asked which part of the mortgage process he enjoys most, he explains it’s meeting Elevations’ members and knowing he can help them.

When it comes to first-time homebuyers, Matthew doesn’t start with conversations about loan terms and rates. Instead, he wants to know who he is working with on a personal level and their homeownership dreams.

“I like to talk to people and ask them a series of questions to get to understand them and what their goals are,” he comments. “I’ll ask them, ‘Have you started looking at all? Is there a certain area or price range that you find yourself gravitating toward? What are your ideal budgets for a down payment and monthly payments?’ I enjoy getting to understand their comfort level, and then being able to explain what programs are in line with what they’ve been looking at.”

Matthew works with all levels of residential homebuyers, from first-time homebuyers to anyone looking to purchase a second home or investment property.

Four tips for mortgage shoppers of all ages

Being a Mortgage Loan Officer also means being an educator. Whether a member is buying or refinancing for the first time or the third time, it’s likely years have passed between transactions and guidelines have changed, so there’s new information to absorb during the lending process.

“I think the more knowledgeable the buyer, the stronger they are and the more confidence they will have in the loan process,” Matthew notes about the education component. Here are four helpful tips he says mortgage shoppers can use today.

  1. View online calculators as a general guide — it’s best to chat with a loan officer to crunch the real numbers and get the most accurate estimate of a monthly mortgage payment, homeowners’ insurance and private mortgage insurance (PMI).
  2. Find someone you click with. You’ll be communicating and sharing personal financial information with your Mortgage Loan Officer. They need to be someone you genuinely like and trust. It also helps if you have similar communication styles and preferences!
  3. Get the preapproval going ASAP. Matthew says he often hears from buyers who have been going to open houses but haven’t worked through a preapproval to understand how much home they can actually afford. This vital document not only shows your lender and real estate agent you’re ready to buy at a specific price level, but it also speeds up the offer process when you find your dream home.
  4. Work with someone who knows your market. A knowledgeable lender brings additional insight into what’s going on in the community and can shed light on local benefits or opportunities to structure the best loan for you. Plus, it can be comforting to have someone to visit with in-person when you have questions.

Working as a team at Elevations

Matthew enjoys having the whole Elevations team in house and working together, from the processors to the underwriters. This makes the loan process faster and more efficient for members. This approach aligns with Elevations’ commitment to put members first and Matthew’s customer-first values.

“The Elevations team never gets complacent in what they’re trying to do,” he says of his community-minded employer. “They’re always trying to find something better for the member or ways to make our process easier. They’re always trying to expand, evolve and assist.”

Before joining Elevations Credit Union, Matthew worked in the health and fitness industry. He says learning how to relate to customers, setting goals and building relationships in his previous career has been foundational for working in mortgages. Matthew enjoys helping people visualize a roadmap for what it looks like to secure a mortgage from start to finish.

A growing family and outdoor adventures

When he’s not working on a refi or new loan for an Elevations member, Matthew enjoys the Colorado landscape and spending time with his wife, daughter, two dogs and cranky old cat. This summer, the family will welcome a new baby into their home.

At the top of Matthew’s list of favorite outdoor activities are camping and rock climbing along the Front Range or at the local gym. He also looks forward to annual family gatherings at Independence Pass, where he enjoys trail hikes and campfire cooking.

Matthew (NMLS# 1207400) has been assisting members since 2014 at the Lafayette branch. If you’d like to visit with him, please call (970) 846-7356. Matthew is currently accepting in-person appointments, video calls and emails to to discuss your mortgage and refinancing needs.

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