Meet Michael, An Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer 

Whether you’re shopping for an affordable new home loan or a competitive refinance rate, the Mortgage Team at Elevations Credit Union has options to meet your needs. Michael Roth will help you find the best loan rates and products on the market today that fit your lifestyle and budget. Michael has assisted Elevations members with their mortgages for over 13 years from the Boulder Diagonal Branch.   

Helping members achieve home-focused goals energizes Michael each day. Whether it’s a new home loan or a refinance that positively restructures a homeowner’s financial responsibilities, Michael feels a personal sense of achievement when he can provide a calm, structured experience for members.  

“I was recently going over final numbers for a couple that is buying their first home.  Hearing they got their cashier’s check, they’ve got the final numbers, they’ve got everything set, and they’re just so excited about this chapter of their lives — that’s usually the best part,” Michael commented.  

He says helping someone on a fixed income, such as the retired, complete a  home loan refinance and open up their monthly cash flow a bit or reduce debt is equally rewarding.  

“You meet people that are up at night, and they’re worried. If you’re able to have a positive impact and find a solution that makes their life better, it’s great,” Michael shared.  

Working with homebuyers and homeowners  

One size does not fit all when it comes to mortgage shopping. Michael has a careful approach to discovering what his clients truly need when it comes to the biggest loan they will likely manage in their lifetime.  

“I really try to identify who they are,” he explains. Some buyers are emotion-based and want to talk about their dream house, while others are number crunchers and prefer to dig into payment charts and interest rates right away.  

Michael says the first step is to establish a comfort level. “How do we find that happy medium between their monthly comfort level with cash out of pocket and their home?” he elaborated.  

After that, Michael ensures every aspect of the homebuying process is understood and matches the best products to the member. This requires discussions about buying points, loan terms, monthly payments, payoff timelines, down payments and purchase prices. 

Over the years, Michael has tackled loan origination, processing and closing. He now works as a residential Mortgage Loan Officer for Elevations. He says climbing this ladder of experience has helped him structure effective loans for members because he understands their concerns and questions every step of the way.  

Prior to joining the team at Elevations, Michael worked at Countrywide supporting loan officers. He also has experience working in the title insurance industry.  

“Elevations has been very good to me. For them to advance me like they did in such a short amount of time, that means a lot to me because it was life-changing,” he added.  

A career based on values and relationships  

Michael says he stays with Elevations because the company aligns with his own core principles, embraces teamwork and makes people a priority over numbers. It’s not uncommon for senior executives to hop in and help with something on a loan that needs to be done on a tight timeline to ensure that a member can keep moving forward with their application.  

“From the top on down, these people truly prioritize the deadlines and the earnest money, and they understand the personal anxieties of people involved,” he noted. “I think that’s one of the things that makes us really unique, and it’s part of our recipe for success.”  

Michael believes wholeheartedly in authenticity and speaking to each member as he would his own parents. He leads with honesty about this huge financial decision and isn’t shy about telling a member what he thinks is in their best interest.  

“When you’re dealing with a 30-year debt, you’re dealing with people’s life savings. You want them to trust you. You want them to trust that you are genuinely looking out for their best interest. So I definitely try to do just that,” he added.  

Time for family and fun  

When he’s not helping others with their homebuying goals, you’ll find Michael spending time with his wife and two daughters. This fall they enjoyed a socially-distanced trunk-or-treat event for Halloween and have been challenging each other to lots of Mario games at home.  

Michael also enjoys sneaking off to engage in solo hobbies to recharge his batteries. As a teenager, he gravitated towards reading, music and writing. He continues to play his guitar a few hours each week and buries his nose in a good book as often as possible. He enjoys reading a variety of genres and authors, from nonfiction to Hemingway to Stephen King.  

Michael is happy to visit with members by phone, over video chat or in-person to discuss their mortgage needs. To get started, gather information about your income, assets, debt load and overall goals so he can work with you to initially assess your buying potential. Reach out to Michael (NMLS # 809383) at (303) 402-5455 or by email at  

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