Meet Seth, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

Are you in the market for an investment property, a new home or a refinance on a current home loan? The Mortgage Team at Elevations Credit Union is ready to assist. Mortgage Loan Originator Seth Walsh has assisted members at the Boulder Table Mesa Branch since February of 2022. Learn more about Seth and how he works with Elevations members to secure the best mortgage for their needs.

Seth may be a numbers guy with a finance degree under his belt and a passion for problem-solving, but the social interactions he enjoys with Elevations members and real estate professionals are what keep his days balanced.

“I love the ‘people’ part of what I do and facilitating a conversation,” he said. “I find it fascinating. I like the first conversation. My excitement is listening to their goals, plans and dreams and helping members know that we can get it done or help them tweak their goal to match what is possible.”

Before joining the Elevations Mortgage Team, Seth worked as a mortgage lender in Boulder. In that role, he tackled an array of loan types including construction lending, commercial lending, residential bridge financing and credit cards. He also helped manage hiring and staffing, which honed his communication skills.

Today, he brings that wealth of experience and can-do mindset to Elevations members as he focuses on residential mortgages for property investors, first-time home buyers, condo-shoppers, vacation-home buyers and anyone looking for a residential home loan. He’s happy to discuss all loan types, including portfolio and brokered loans.

Seth says joining the Mortgage Team at Elevations has been the perfect culture fit for him. He loves the company’s hyperlocal involvement in the community, stellar brand reputation in the finance industry and admirable nonprofit endeavors.

Mortgage lending approach

For each member interaction, Seth leads with confidence and experience. Whether it’s a conversation about plans and needs or explaining various loan types and how they will impact finances in the years to come, he’s ready to chat.

“I do love mortgage, and my ability to grow and help people here at Elevations,” he said. “I do a little bit of everything including low down payment, deed restricted, and affordable housing purchases. I’m also excited to help facilitate $3-4 million jumbo loans for people working in high tech fields that have satellite headquarters on the front range.

Walsh explains that one of his favorite conversations is about “right-sizing,” or helping members discover the best home size for them. This conversation also includes evaluating selling versus making a current property into an investment property to help finance the next home purchase.

“Families are looking to get a bigger house,” Walsh said. “Millennials are looking to get a different house. Older people are looking to get a smaller house. Right? So right-sizing is definitely one of my specialties.”

Tips for connecting with your mortgage lender

Walsh also reminds mortgage shoppers this isn’t a one-and-done process. Most people buy a few times in their life — first, a starter home, then upsizing to accommodate a family, and downsizing in the elder years — and it’s a good idea to build a relationship with your mortgage lender to help manage these major life transitions.

“Most people in our communities, especially first-time homebuyers, think they’re only going to need a mortgage once, but the data shows most people do a mortgage about every five years,” Walsh said. ” If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you probably want to keep in touch throughout your lifetime.”

An annual check-in can keep those lines of communication open, especially when you’re ready to refinance a current loan, sell your home, buy an investment property or move to a new community.

Beyond financing the perfect loan

When he’s not helping members discover the best loan type and terms for them, Walsh is spending time with his wife and two dogs (a golden doodle and a woodle), hiking or skiing in the mountains. Or, they’re off visiting family. Walsh has nine siblings while his wife has five.

The Longmont couple also enjoys exploring local culinary talent. On weekends, they might try out a farm-to-table pop-up event, chat with a brewmaster at a local pub or dig out a cookbook and get their own kitchen messy with ingredients from the farmer’s market.

In addition to family and food, Seth loves to chat about his past work adventures at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Be sure to ask him how he met Cameron Diaz.

Ready to chat? Seth Walsh (NMLS# 1796851) is available to meet in person at the Boulder Table Mesa Branch, virtually over Zoom or by phone at 303.834.2826. You can also reach out with your mortgage questions by email at

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