Meet Trevor, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

The Mortgage Team at Elevations Credit Union is ready to assist with your first home purchase or refinance of your current property. Mortgage Loan Officer Trevor Cook will put his financial knowledge to work for you to secure the best loan rates and mortgage products for your lifestyle. Trevor has worked with the Elevations Mortgage Team for three years at the Boulder Baseline Branch.  

Trevor Cook knows mortgages and hockey. Much like anticipating where the puck will go next on the ice, this former hockey player works to create a seamless path for members to reach their goal — homeownership! 

When asked what his job entails, he shares that listening to the wants and needs of Elevations members and educating them on the loan process is at the forefront of his duties on the mortgage team. Then, he customizes a home loan that fits their life plans and budget. 

“Coming from the highest folks at Elevations, all the way down the chain, they say to do what’s right for the member and be there to help,” Trevor explains of the philosophy at Elevations that aligns with his core values. 

A polished process and team 

Satisfied customers from the past have followed Trevor throughout his finance career and created repeat business. He says being honest with people and helping them work through financial decisions, whether they end up using your services or not, is rewarding and ultimately builds a bond. When a need arises later like refinancing a home loan, people will remember how you treated them and come back to you. 

He also says it helps to work with a team of pros — from the back office to loan processing and underwriting — who genuinely want to help you get to the closing table with the right home loan product to meet the member’s needs. He has found that at Elevations. 

Trevor studied finance in college because he likes challenges. When it comes to helping people make the biggest purchase of their life, he’s onboard. He particularly enjoys dispelling myths about owning a home and helping members discover how much they qualify for and what their average monthly expenses will be to get into a home. 

“At the end of the day, it’s pretty rewarding when we get to the finish line and see how excited homeowners are at the closing table,” Trevor says. 

Tips for mortgage shoppers 

When it comes to finding the perfect loan, don’t be afraid to browse mortgage options and lenders. Terms, rates and details vary from product to product, so Trevor encourages members to ask questions until you fully understand what you’re selecting. You should feel that your loan officer has your best interests top of mind. 

“It can be relaxed, fun and stress-free if you know you’re working with the right person or the right place,” he explains of the loan selection process. The ideal lender should be up to date on industry changes and educate you on smart financial moves based on current industry trends and government regulations in lending. 

Letting your lender know your knowledge level and preferred approach to the homebuying process is helpful too. If you want to crunch numbers immediately, that’s fine with Trevor. Or, if you’d like to discuss your life plan and how to get qualified for a mortgage through budget and lifestyle changes, he’s up for that too. An effective lender will adjust to the member’s needs, Trevor says. 

A bit of hiking and hockey 

When he’s not working with homeowners, Trevor, his wife and his four-year-old daughter enjoy spending time at their family cabin in Grand Lake, Colorado. When they get away, hiking and boating are often on the agenda. You might also find Trevor with his nose buried in a book. 

Since the pandemic started, the family has been in the kitchen more, trying new cooking techniques and recipes. A few ideas have been gleaned from many fun YouTube cooking shows. 

If he’s not at Grand Lake or in the kitchen, he’s back on the ice. Trevor played NCAA Division I and pro-level hockey before his career in mortgage lending. Now, he and his daughter ice skate at the rink down the street and cheer for hockey players on TV. 

Trevor is visiting with members both in-person at the Boulder Baseline Branch and virtually. Have questions? Wonder how much of a home loan you qualify for? You can reach Trevor, NMLS# 677809, by email at or by phone at 720.939.6000.  

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