What Scholarships Does Elevations Foundation Offer?

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Each year Elevations Foundation supports local high school graduates with scholarships for higher education. In fact, last year Elevations Foundation provided an all-time high of $84,000 in scholarships. Until March 15, 2019 students can apply for three Elevations Foundation Scholarships: Don E. Neuburger Memorial Scholarship, Wm. C. “Bill” Sterner Memorial Scholarship, and M.R. Hellie Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship awards vary between $500 – $5,000 and are decided upon by the Elevations Foundation scholarship committee. In 2018, Elevations Foundation awarded 33 scholarships, and the committee hopes to award scholarships to even more high school graduates this year.

M.R. Hellie Memorial Scholarship

The M.R. Hellie Memorial Scholarship is for graduating high school seniors attending an accredited Colorado high school who are applying for or have been accepted for admission to a college or university. This scholarship is given based on financial need, personal and career goals, as well as scholarship and merit.

M.R. Hellie was President of Elevations Credit Union from 1964 to 1986, and this scholarship was created in his honor.

Don E. Neuburger Memorial Scholarship

The Don E. Neuburger Memorial Scholarship is for graduating high school seniors currently attending an accredited high school in the Thompson School District.

This scholarship is named after Mr. Neuburger who was the founder and CEO of Longs Peak Credit Union, which later merged with Elevations Credit Union. Mr. Neuburger established the credit union in 1953, and the scholarship was established in his name in 1988.

Wm. C. “Bill” Sterner Memorial Scholarship

The Wm. C. “Bill” Sterner Memorial Scholarship is for graduating high school seniors currently attending an accredited Colorado high school who are applying for and are planning to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Wm. C. “Bill” Sterner was Elevations Credit Union President and CEO from 2000 – 2008 and was active in the credit union movement on a local and national level. Mr. Sterner exemplified a strong sense of volunteerism and education. This scholarship helps carry that legacy on.

“I chose to apply for the Elevations Foundation scholarship because the application directly correlated with my intended major and career goals. I am so grateful that I took the time and made the effort because receiving the scholarship has been a huge blessing.” – Micah Hinson, 2018 scholarship recipient

Apply for an Elevations Foundation Scholarship

If the Elevations Foundation scholarships and requirements sound like they fit you, apply for a scholarship today! Here are the requirements for applying:

  • Short essay (500 words max)
  • 2 Referrals (not family members)
  • High school transcript
  • A copy of the FAFSA Student Aid Report
  • Copy of college or university acceptance letter (preferred)
  • A recent photo

You can find more details about the application process for Elevations Foundation scholarships, and you can apply here.

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