Behind Every Successful Small Business is a Great Business Banker — Here’s How to Find One

If you own a small business, choosing the right business banker should be high on your list of important partnerships. Your financial institution can maximize your funds, be a source of future financing (such as loans or lines of credit), provide resources to help you manage your finances better, and help you achieve your overall revenue goals.     The best way to […]

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How to Get Your Business from Survival Mode to Proactive Mode

Many of us have been in survival mode for the last six months while we figure out how to manage everything associated with the pandemic. Here are four things you can do to shift your business from a reactive, safety mode to a proactive mode where you can start moving ahead again.   Recognize survival mode  Survival mode isn’t something a business can sustain for the long term. Survival mode is […]

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Business Banking Tips for Nonprofits: How to Get the Most Out of Your Financial Institution

Beyond using a bank or credit union as a place to save and withdraw money, it’s not always clear what you should expect from a financial institution or how to get the most out of your banking relationship. Your nonprofit should hold the bar high when choosing a financial institution. A business banker can be one of your greatest […]

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Lines of Credit and Working Capital Solutions for Business Owners

Having reliable access to working capital is critical to any business’s health, and a lack of access is often to blame when issues arise at an otherwise healthy company. Working capital can come in several forms, and those forms typically follow a company’s stage of life. For a young startup, the most common source of working capital may be the owner’s personal […]

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Meet Juan, an Elevations Business Banking Relationship Manager

The Business Banking Team at Elevations provides a consultative approach to help businesses across Colorado’s Front Range realize long-term success. Get to know Juan, a Business Banking Relationship Manager at Elevations.  Which Colorado Front Range areas do you serve?  I work out of our offices in Interlocken at 1 Environmental Way, Broomfield, and I serve our business members in Longmont. How long have […]

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Meet Michaela, an Elevations Business Banking Relationship Manager

The business banking team at Elevations serves businesses across Colorado’s Front Range. Our team provides a consultative approach to help you realize long-term success for your business. Get to know Michaela, a Business Banking Relationship Manager at Elevations. How long have you been with Elevations? I have been with Elevations for nearly five years. My […]

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