Elevations Foundation Grantee Profile: FRIENDS of Broomfield

Since 1998, FRIENDS of Broomfield has been creating community and opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs.) This Elevations Foundation grantee is helping adults with IDDs live fulfilling and meaningful lives that enhance the community for all.

FRIENDS stands for “Fun, Recreation, Inclusive Experiences, Networking and Discovering the Spirit.” And you can tell they are living up to that motto the moment you enter their 18,000-square-foot Broomfield facility. The bright, airy space houses the FRIENDS Unlimited Day Program. It’s a lively place where more than 50 adults with developmental disabilities spend active days developing adaptive skills through a wide range of activities. On any given day, activities could include: cooking, using computers, doing gymnastics, playing music, gardening, swimming, practicing science, doing DIY activities, learning through sensory stories, volunteering and much more at the facility or out in the community.

But the work of FRIENDS of Broomfield doesn’t end with their Unlimited Day Program. The organization runs several other programs that help adults with IDDs to live meaningful lives that integrate with mainstream society, including:

  • The FRIENDS Independent Living Program offers several residential service models to assist participants in developing functional life skills to increase their independence. People in this program acquire essential skills such as household maintenance, money management and transportation navigation to develop self-sufficiency and someday live independently in the community.
  • FRIENDS at Work is a vocational program assisting participants in understanding, preparing for and obtaining meaningful, gainful, competitive and successful employment in the community.
  • FRIENDS-HILLS Travel & Social Program provides opportunities that foster friendships, increase social networks and allow for regular participation in leisure activities and travel to unique destinations.

All told, FRIENDS of Broomfield supports over 300 adults with IDDs and their families. Elevations Foundation is proud to support FRIENDS of Broomfield and the organization’s impact in our community.

You can find out more about the programs offered at FRIENDS of Broomfield by visiting their website.

Learn more about the many ways Elevations Foundation supports our community and how you can get involved.

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