Looking Within for Amazing Experiences

In order to provide amazing experiences for our members, we strive to make Elevations Credit Union the best place our employees have ever worked. With a passionate staff, we succeed at providing the best financial solutions for our members. I’m excited to share a story from one of our members, Elizabeth, who’s enjoyed some outstanding service from our high-performing team:

I live in Mexico and for this reason frequently have unusual or irregular requirements, and everything is handled on the phone or email. I am currently getting my new debit and credit cards. This is tricky, and your staff is doing a GREAT job for me. About a year ago, I got a new debit card, which was sent to Ajijic, Mexico. This was complicated, but your staff was patient and efficient through the whole complicated process, and the card arrived successfully.

The three employees I’ve worked with recently are jewels, and I hope you prize them highly. They must like their work or they wouldn’t be so extremely efficient and helpful. I have been so pleased with the help and problem-solving abilities of these people that last year I moved my mortgage to Elevations, and I was patiently and skillfully guided through this process by email and phone. I am very happy to have my mortgage with you. Thank you for everything!

A big thank you to Elizabeth for your membership and for sharing your experience with us!

If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like to work at Elevations, watch this recent video blog from our President & CEO, and check out our website.

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