Meet Anita, an Elevations Mortgage Loan Officer

The Mortgage Team at Elevations Credit Union is ready to discuss your mortgage loan options or answer your refinancing questions. Mortgage Loan Originator Anita Kelly has over 40 years of experience in the industry to help Coloradans find the best home loan for their needs. She has been assisting Elevations members at the Fort Collins Harmony Branch since 2014.

The dream of homeownership requires a bit of guidance. For Anita Kelly, that’s one of the best parts of working in the Elevations Credit Union Mortgage Department. It also satisfies her passion for teaching and educating others.

“I just like helping people,” she said. “I love helping them, even if they’re not ready to buy now. I counsel them through financial and credit issues. So in a year, they’re able to buy a home. It’s so important that people are financially and fiscally aware of their situation and budget.”

Over the years, Anita has worked in various aspects of the mortgage industry including loan servicing, loan processing, underwriting appraisals and loan origination. She now uses the culmination of those skills to serve Elevations members at various stages in the home buying process.

Information for new mortgage and refinance seekers

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, or going through the process again after several years, Anita is ready to walk you through each step. She says to get ready, have documentation showing the last two years of your income, your current assets and proof of where your down payment will be coming from, such as a savings account or a monetary gift from a family member.

“If you’re looking to purchase a new home or invest in real estate, be prepared to tell me everything about you,” she said. “I will get you the best options for your situation.”

Considering refinancing an existing loan? Right now, interest rates are high, which means it’s not an ideal time to refinance, according to Anita. However, sometimes life needs to move forward and refinancing is a viable option to get cash-in-hand or update borrowers on the loan.

She says if you need access to the equity in your property, you may also consider applying for a home equity line of credit. Another option is to build up your finances gradually by setting up an interest-bearing savings account.

Anita said she often helps repeat clients with buying and refinancing properties. She enjoys developing long-term relationships, and is now being approached by the grandchildren of some of her colleagues and first-home buyers.

She laughed and added, “It’s so awesome. And my husband asks me ‘Well, when are you going to retire?’ He just keeps bugging me and I say, ‘Oh, maybe when I’m 81.’ I had to give him an age. Right? Yeah. 81. If you love what you do, why should you stop?”

Being a community partner brings her joy

A focus on relationship-building and being a steward to the community is what makes Anita proud to be an Elevations employee.

“I love the platform Elevations brings to the community,” she said. “They’re a nonprofit and they give back with scholarships. They’re just very community-focused and that’s what I like I like helping my community in positive ways.”

Anita also praises the support of her colleagues at Elevations. She’s allowed to be upfront with members and stand behind her ethics so she can do the right thing for borrowers. Sometimes that could even mean a bit of counseling and education before closing on a loan.

She also loves that Elevations maintains a close relationship and can answer questions for its loan servicer. This means members can apply for a loan, close on their home and come back to Elevations for questions about how to make their payments after they’ve moved into their new property.

Beyond home loans and refinances

Anita has lived in the Fort Collins area since 1979 and is a graduate of the Colorado Women’s College, which is now the University of Denver. She holds degrees in elementary education and organ performance.

She currently resides on a 70-acre property in the foothills with Mike, her husband of 35 years. Anita stays busy with a variety of hobbies, ranging from writing music and science fiction, to playing the piano and organ. She’s also an elder at her church and loves visiting with her four grown children and their families.

In addition to being a mortgage aficionado, you could also call Anita a professional globetrotter. Her travels have taken her around the world to Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Hawaii and many, many more interesting locales. Need a conversation starter? Ask Anita about travel!

Are you ready to learn more about making a home purchase or refinancing your current loan? Reach out to Anita Kelly (NMLS #377922) at 970.430.2345 or with your questions. You may also schedule time for an in-person visit at our Fort Collins Harmony Branch or a remote video chat from the comfort of your home.

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