Meet Elevations Foundation Grantee: Cal-Wood Education Center

Helping kids get into nature and experience this beautiful area we call home is just part of what makes Cal-Wood such an important community asset. This Elevations Foundation grantee brings environmental education to life and engages young people in our community. Cal-Wood accomplishes this through school-based programs, summer camps, and Latino family camps.  

Cal-Wood is tucked away on 1,200 acres near Jamestown on a diverse landscape of meadows, forests, streams and ponds. It’s the perfect setting for people of all ages to experience nature and the power of conservation. This was the intent Roger and Oral Calvert had when they donated their foothills ranch in the late 1970s. They wished to share the love of the environment with others, and over the decades Cal-Wood has done just that, from its first years as a summer field station for geology students to its partnership with the Boulder Valley School District. Now, Cal-Wood offers residential environmental education programs to other school districts, bringing nature conservation to life for thousands.

Cal-Wood has provided environmental education to our community since 1982, when the cabins and a lodge were built. They have affirmed school programs as the organization’s focus, specifically outreaching to low-income, multicultural groups. Additionally, they continue to offer trainings, retreats and summer camps to a variety of organizations throughout the state. A unique program Cal-Wood offers is their Latino Family Camp. The camps are a weekend packed with hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, archery and more in a beautiful mountain setting. The Cal-Wood bilingual staff supports families during their stay by providing camping equipment and meals. Families leave their weekend camping trip feeling prepared to take on more Colorado adventures.

These programs are critical for connecting youth with nature and the ecosystems we are all a part of. Cal-Wood is gearing up for the 2019 summer season, and if your child might be interested in attending camp, it’s a great time to find out more. Elevations Foundation is proud to support the work Cal-Wood does in our community and the impact they make daily. You can find out more about Elevations Foundation and the grants awarded here.

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