Meet Elevations Foundation Grantee Growe Foundation

“Maybe we can eat food from the garden for a snack.”

Those aren’t words you often hear from a kid unless s/he is part of Growe Foundation’s Garden to Table Program. This Elevations Foundation grantee is making fresh fruit and vegetables cool for kids ten-and-under in the Boulder area.

Founded in 2006 in Boulder County, Growe Foundation connects elementary school students with our earth, healthy food and a whole lot of engaged learning in math, science and the environment. Growe Foundation establishes on-site gardens in the schools they partner with and provides teachers with curricula for academic standards-based garden lessons. Parents and community volunteers support classroom lessons and provide garden care. This allows the kids to have fun planting, harvesting and tasting fresh fruits and vegetables while learning about healthy food choices and ecosystems.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Lisa Atallah, Growe Foundation has blossomed, and the Garden to Table program now operates at 20 elementary schools in Boulder, Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Broomfield and Denver. Over 9,100 elementary school students have access to the program, receiving over 13,000 hours of garden-based lessons. Streamlining their program this past year, Growe is now positioned to add on more schools in and around Boulder County.

The proof is in the pudding. When the kids are not eating vegetables, here’s what students in the Garden to Table program have to say:

“I wonder why the grasshoppers were on the thin plants and not the thick plants?” 

“I want to eat everything!”  

“I didn’t know seeds could move.”

 “I liked that we got to learn about the origin of the food we like to eat.”

“I liked having class outside.”

“I was surprised how much the garden grew from last year.”

“I am going to eat this at home, too!”

Elevations Foundation is proud to support Growe Foundation and their essential work with youth.

Please consider supporting Elevations Foundation as we continue to provide grants for impactful nonprofits like Growe Foundation.

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