Meet Elevations Foundation Grantee TLC Learning Center

Since 2014, Elevations Foundation has been proud to support Longmont-based nonprofit TLC Learning Center through the Community Grants program. Watch the video below to see how great this local organization is helping our community’s youngest members of all backgrounds and abilities.

Many people know TLC Leaning Center by its former name: Tiny Tim Learning Center. Founded by parents in 1957, the center was originally intended to serve children with special needs so they could remain at home with their families rather than be institutionalized. By the 1970s, the center had expanded its vision to serving children of all abilities, and, in 2013, changed their name to TLC Learning Center to better reflect the range of children they serve. tlc learning school bus

Today TLC has grown into a thriving educational center where there’s a constant buzz of activity. While the majority of the children served live in Boulder County, they welcome kids from across the Front Range. The school currently serves 253 children, providing early childhood education for kids from birth to six, and pediatric therapy from infancy to 12 years old. Their on-site therapy clinic helps children learn to be independent and highly functional, with goals tailored to the ability level of each child. TLC’s preschool has a capacity of 90 children, with tuition assistance, scholarships and other funding streams helping to make the school accessible to children not just of all abilities but of all socio-economic backgrounds, as well.

TLC Learning Center offers unprecedented opportunities for children with special needs (who comprise 40 percent of TLC’s clients) and classrooms where children of all abilities and backgrounds learn together side-by-side. TLC’s inclusive classrooms are a wonderful thing to behold, providing unique learning opportunities and helping all children understand and value that which makes them, and everyone, unique and special. With a Level Four rating from Colorado Shines and an active community of engaged and supportive parents, they’re clearly doing something right.

Learn more about TLC Learning Center, and please consider supporting Elevations Foundation as we continue to help the local nonprofits that make our community such a special place.

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