Home Energy Audits 101

A home energy audit is a thorough examination of how your home is using energy and where energy is being wasted, plus recommendations for making your home more energy efficient. Implementing the fixes prescribed by a home energy audit can often result in a 5%-30% savings on your monthly electricity bill — not to mention a more cozy and comfortable home.   What does […]

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planning for college

13 Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College

Even if you’re savvy about college shopping and thoroughly research financial aid, college costs may still be prohibitive. At these prices, you might expect you’ll need to make substantial financial sacrifices to send your child to college. Or maybe your child won’t be able to attend the college of his or her choice. Before you […]

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Look out for These 3 Scams During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Scammers are taking advantage of the uncertainty during the pandemic and finding ways to take advantage of innocent victims by stealing their money and personal information. Protect yourself and your loved ones by learning about these scams. 1. Work-At-Home Scam This scam promises victims the opportunity to work from home and make a substantial amount […]

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